Quotas & Limits

Limits and quotas are tied to your user account and apply to all requests you make.

Various limits and quotas apply to each service and operation. The most common types of limits are Rate Limits and Usage Quotas.

Rate limits are used to prevent overloading the Descartes Labs Platform with too many concurrent requests. Rate limits are specified as number of requests/unit of time.

Compute time limits are used to prevent overloading the Descartes Labs Platform with too many computationally intensive requests. The amount of computation resources required to return the results of a search request vary greatly based on the search parameters, and similarly with rastering requests. If too many complex requests are sent to our platform within a designated time frame by a single user, the service will return a RateLimitExceeded error. The values of these limits are expressed as number of seconds of compute time/unit of time and represent aggregated usage across all queries in the unit of time.

Usage quotas keep track of how much you use the Descartes Labs Platform and prevent you from accessing the platform after your quota has been reached. Each service measures usage differently, see below for details on how usage is measured and limited. Usage quotas are typically reset monthly. Contact support@descarteslabs.com for help with usage quotas.


These limits apply to the Catalog client.

Rate limits

Band operations

  • Create a new band - 1000/minute

  • Change a band - 1000/minute

  • Delete a band - 1000/minute

  • Get a band - 20,000/minute

  • Search bands - 40,000/minute

Image operations

  • Create a new image - 20,000/minute

  • Change an image - 20,000/minute

  • Delete an image - 1000/minute

  • Get an image - 20,000/minute

  • Search images - 10,000/minute (note: these requests are also limited by query time)

  • Get image summary statistics - 120/minute (note: these requests are also limited by query time)

  • Upload an image file or ndarray - 20,000/minute

  • Get image upload task status - 1000/minute

Product operations

  • Create a new product - 1000/minute

  • Change a product - 1000/minute

  • Delete a product - 1000/minute

  • Get a product - 20,000/minute

  • Search products - 10,000/minute

  • Delete all related objects - 120/minute

  • Update permissions for all related objects - 120/minute

  • Retrieve the status for the above operations - 1000/minute


These limits apply to the Compute client.

General limitations

When creating or calling a Function

  • Maximum concurrency for Function invocations - 1000

  • Maximum function return payload - 1MB

CPU & Memory Configurations

CPU value



0.5GB, 1GB, 2GB


1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB


1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 5GB, 6GB, 7GB, 8GB


Between 4GB and 16GB in 1GB increments


Between 8GB and 30GB in 1GB increments


Between 16GB and 60GB in 4GB increments


Between 32GB and 120GB in 8GB increments


These limits apply to the Vector client.

Rate limits

Table operations

  • Create a new table - 1000/minute

  • Change a table - 1000/minute

  • Delete a table - 1000/minute

  • Get a table - 1000/minute

  • Search tables - 1000/minute

  • Join tables - 1000/minute

Feature operations

  • Create a new feature - 1000/minute

  • Change a feature - 1000/minute

  • Delete a feature - 1000/minute

  • Get a feature - 1000/minute

  • Search features - 1000/minute

  • Get feature statistics - 1000/minute