We strongly suggest to use a virtual environment such as Conda to work with the Descartes Labs Platform. For more information please see Managing a Development Environment.

Install the latest client library via pip

pip install descarteslabs

To install with optional recommended dependencies (blosc, NumPy, and matplotlib):

pip install "descarteslabs[complete]"

The latest development version can always be found on GitHub. It can be installed via pip

pip install -U git+

Windows Users

The client library requires shapely, which can be hard to install on Windows with pip.

We recommended using Anaconda to first install shapely. If you’re unfamiliar with conda, check out the document on development environments for recommendations.

conda install shapely
pip install descarteslabs

Using a Firewall Proxy

If your company uses a firewall proxy, you can set environment variables to point at your company’s proxy server:

$ export HTTP_PROXY=""
$ export HTTPS_PROXY=""

Or if you also need to specify a username/password:

$ export HTTP_PROXY="http://user:pass@"
$ export HTTPS_PROXY="http://user:pass@"

You can also specify a CA_BUNDLE file:

$ export REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE="/path/to/bundle/file"

Also refer to the requests proxies documentation and requests SSL certificate verification.

If you need more control and want additional headers or handle the Proxy Authentication Required HTTP status code, you can subclass our Session and JsonApiSession classes, implement the initialize() and/or handle_proxy_authentication() methods and register them with Service.set_default_session_class(), JsonApiService.set_default_session_class() and ThirdPartyService.set_default_session_class().

For more information see our API documentation.