Before you can begin using the services provided by the platform, you need to set up authentication credentials. The easiest way is to use the CLI helper.

descarteslabs auth login

For non-interactive environments, one needs to set the DESCARTESLABS_CLIENT_ID and DESCARTESLABS_CLIENT_SECRET (or DESCARTESLABS_REFRESH_TOKEN) environment variables. These can be retrieved using the CLI helper after completing the login process or generated fresh through IAM.

If you want to retrieve the client id and client secret using the CLI helper, you can use the following.

descarteslabs auth env

Then you can define them as environment variables in the non-interactive environment where you run your code using the Descartes Labs client. Do be aware that these credentials are sensitive and anyone who has access to them gains access to your Descartes Labs resources.


You can test the authentication credentials with the following.

descarteslabs auth env
descarteslabs auth groups

See the authentication client Auth for additional information and options.