Simple Image Visualization

Visualize a true color Landsat 8 image.

from descarteslabs.catalog import Product, properties as p
from descarteslabs.geo import DLTile
from descarteslabs.utils import display

Create a tile around Pisa, Italy.

tile = DLTile.from_latlon(43.7230, 10.3966, resolution=20.0, tilesize=1024, pad=0)

Use the Catalog API to search for imagery available over the area of interest.

search = (
    .filter("2022-04-01" <= p.acquired < "2022-05-01")
    .filter(p.cloud_fraction < 0.001)
images = search.collect()

Pick just one image to raster and display.

image = images[0]

# Load the data as an ndarray
arr = image.ndarray("red green blue", geocontext=images.geocontext)

# Display the image
display(arr, size=5,

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