Descartes Labs Platform

The Descartes Labs Platform simplifies analysis of global-scale raster data by providing:

  • Access to a catalog of petabytes of disparate geospatial data, all normalized and interoperable through one common interface

  • Infrastructure to parallelize any code across thousands of machines co-located with that data

  • The ability to add new data to that catalog—whether the output of analysis on existing data, or from a proprietary source—which can then be used as an input for more analysis

  • A Python client library to access these systems

  • Web interfaces to browse this catalog and view imagery, including the data you create

Create an Account

This is a publicly installable package. However, if you want access to our full Platform and data catalog, you will need to create a Descartes Labs account and request access:

Install the Python Client

If you plan to interact with the Platform programmatically, you should install the Python client and run a quick test to make sure everything’s working.

How to Use These Docs

Our docs are broken up into several sections, in increasing level of detail:

  • Tutorials are end-to-end solutions built on our software. These are adapted from our Applied Scientists’ research projects and are great places to start if you want to learn how our team uses Descartes Labs software to solve huge problems.

  • Examples demonstrate smaller pieces of functionality and are geared toward composability. We’re always adding to these examples, so let us know if there’s a topic you would like to see.

  • Guides contain best practices and contain more context than Tutorials or Examples. If you’re wondering “How should I use Tasks?”, you should check out the Tasks Guide.

  • Our API reference is there when you need to dig in to usage subtleties.


Feel free to contact our Support Team at any time through our support portal

Status Page

If you are having intermittent issues with software functionality, check the Platform Status Page for the real-time status of known issues impacting Platform performance.