User Interfaces

The Descartes Labs programmatic APIs have accompanying web interfaces to create a more user friendly experience. Some of those web interfaces are described below.


The Descartes Labs Viewer sits on top of our Metadata API and provides full visual display and filtering access of available imagery. By default, the Landsat 8 Real Time product is loaded centered on your location (if available). You can choose to add new layers, or remove, toggle, and edit currently loaded layers. The edit option allows you to query the dataset by date and cloud fraction as well as visualize different band combinations.


The Descartes Labs Catalog is a list of all image products and their associated metadata. This includes, but is not limited to, things like the valid time range, information about native and derived bands, and spatial resolution. The Catalog is also where a user can control the permissions for products they own, allowing you to share imagery with an individual user, an organization, or the general public. Additionally, you can open products in Viewer directly from a products’ information page.


If you use our scalable Tasks API, Monitor allows you to track how tasks are progressing. The interface reports the number of tasks submitted, the number of workers launched, and the status of each task. Upon completion, you can also access each individual task’s log to see errors or other console print outs.