Adding a writer to a Catalog product

This example adds an additional writer to a product.

import descarteslabs as dl
import uuid

catalog_client = dl.Catalog()

product_id = str(uuid.uuid4())[:8]

product = catalog_client.add_product(
    product_id=product_id, title="My Product", description="This is my product."
print("Product {} added.".format(product["data"]["id"]))

product_attrs = product["data"]["attributes"]


Product d4ef22d5a6969cb61147ec8ea3e060cdf33e1a49:96d6e2a6 added.

The product that we just created doesn’t have any writers.

print("Product writers: {}".format(product_attrs["writers"]))


Product writers: []

However, we can add a writer to this product.

changed_product = catalog_client.change_product(
    ],  # Could be the user hash, email, group, or org of another user.
changed_product_attrs = changed_product["data"]["attributes"]

Now, '' is a writer for this product. This user can now change the product metadata, add bands, and add imagery to this product.

print("Changed product writers: {}".format(changed_product_attrs["writers"]))


Changed product writers: [u'']

Delete our product; we don’t need it anymore.

catalog_client.remove_product(product_id, add_namespace=True)
print("Product removed.")


Product removed.

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