The tables below list the types and functions available through the Workflows API. For information on how these objects work together, checkout out the Workflows Guide.

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FeatureCollection Construct a FeatureCollection from a sequence of Features
Image Proxy Image; construct with from_id or from_scenes.
ImageCollection Proxy object representing a stack of Images; typically construct with from_id
ImageCollectionGroupby Dict-like object for a grouped ImageCollection.
load_geojson Create a Workflows Geometry, GeometryCollection, Feature, or FeatureCollection from a GeoJSON mapping.
load_geojson_file Create a Workflows Geometry, GeometryCollection, Feature, or FeatureCollection from a GeoJSON file.


Primitive Proxy wrapper around a Python primitive type.
Any Generic Proxytype that supports almost all operations.
NoneType Proxy type(None)
Bool Proxy bool
Number Abstract base class for numeric Proxytypes.
Int Proxy int
Float Proxy float
Str Proxy str


Dict Proxy mapping, from keys of a specific type to values of a specific type.
Tuple Proxy sequence of a fixed number of elements of specific types.
List Proxy sequence of any number of elements, all of the same type.
Struct Proxy container with named fields of specific types, meant as a helper base class.
zip Returns a List of Tuple, where each tuple contains the i-th element from each of the argument List.


Datetime Proxy Datetime object, similar to Python’s datetime.




log Element-wise natural log of an Image or ImageCollection.
log2 Element-wise base 2 log of an Image or ImageCollection.
log10 Element-wise base 10 log of an Image or ImageCollection.
sqrt Element-wise square root of an Image or ImageCollection.
cos Element-wise cosine of an Image or ImageCollection.
sin Element-wise sine of an Image or ImageCollection.
tan Element-wise tangent of an Image or ImageCollection.


e e = 2.71828182845904523536028747135266249775724709369995…
inf Floating point representation of positive infinity.
nan Floating point representation of Not a Number.
pi pi = 3.1415926535897932384626433…


map A single MapApp instance that all visualize calls are automatically added to.
Map Subclass of ipyleaflet.Map with Workflows defaults and extra helper methods.
MapApp Widget displaying a map, layers, and output logs in a nicer layout.
WorkflowsLayer Subclass of ipyleaflet.TileLayer for displaying a Workflows Image.
LayerController An ipyleaflet.WidgetControl for managing WorkflowsLayer.
LayerControllerList Widget displaying a list of LayerControllerRow widgets for a Map.


parameter Create a typed parameter.


Workflow A proxy object, and metadata about it.
Job A Job represents the computation of a proxy object’s graft within a specific environment of parameters.
XYZ Stores proxy objects to be rendered by an XYZ tile server.
XYZErrorListener Calls callback functions in a background thread when XYZ errors occur.
compute Compute a proxy object and wait for its result.
publish Publish a proxy object as a Workflow.
use Use like import: load the proxy object of a published Workflow.



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