The following exception classes may be raised by Descartes Labs client APIs when an error in a client request is encountered.

exception AuthError[source]

Bases: descarteslabs.client.exceptions.ClientError

Authentication error, improperly supplied credentials.

exception BadRequestError[source]

Bases: descarteslabs.client.exceptions.ClientError

Client request with invalid or incorrect parameters.

status = 400
exception ClientError[source]

Bases: Exception

Base class for all client exceptions.

exception ConflictError[source]

Bases: descarteslabs.client.exceptions.ClientError

Client request conflicts with existing state.

status = 409
exception GatewayTimeoutError[source]

Bases: descarteslabs.client.exceptions.ServerError

Timeout from the gateway after failing to route request to destination service.

status = 504
exception NotFoundError[source]

Bases: descarteslabs.client.exceptions.ClientError

Resource not found.

status = 404
exception OauthError[source]

Bases: descarteslabs.client.exceptions.AuthError

Authentication error, failure from OAuth authentication service.

exception RateLimitError(message, retry_after=None)[source]

Bases: descarteslabs.client.exceptions.ClientError

Client request exceeds rate limits.

The retry_after member will contain any time limit returned in the response.

Construct a new instance.

  • message (str) – The error message.

  • retry_after (str or None) – An indication of a retry-after timeout specified by the error response.

status = 429
exception RetryWithError[source]

Bases: descarteslabs.client.exceptions.ClientError

Vector service query request timed out.

status = 449
exception ServerError[source]

Bases: Exception

Server or service failure.

status = 500