Source code for descarteslabs.workflows.types.containers.range_

from ..core import typecheck_promote

from . import List
from ..primitives import Int, NoneType

[docs]@typecheck_promote(start=(Int, NoneType), stop=(Int, NoneType), step=(Int, NoneType)) def range(start=None, stop=None, step=1): """ Returns a `List` of `Int` containing a sequence of numbers starting from 0 by default, incremented by 1 (default), ending at a specified number. Example ------- >>> import descarteslabs.workflows as wf >>> my_range = wf.range(start=2, stop=10, step=2) >>> my_range <descarteslabs.workflows.types.containers.list_.List[Int] object at 0x...> >>> my_range.compute() # doctest: +SKIP [2, 4, 6, 8] """ if isinstance(stop, NoneType): if isinstance(start, NoneType): raise TypeError("Must pass the stop value to range") return List[Int]._from_apply("wf.range", start) return List[Int]._from_apply("wf.range", start, stop, step=step)