Source code for descarteslabs.workflows.interactive.widgets.checkbox

from ._ipywidgets import ipywidgets

from descarteslabs.common.proto.widgets import widgets_pb2

from ...types import Bool
from ...types.widget import Widget

class Checkbox(Widget, Bool):
    _proto_type = widgets_pb2.Checkbox

    def __init__(self, name: str, default: bool = False, label=""):
        super().__init__(name, default, label)
        self.widget = ipywidgets.Checkbox(value=default)
        self.widget._label = label

[docs]def checkbox( name: str, default: bool = False, label: str = "", ): """ A checkbox widget, which acts as a `.Bool` parameter. Example ------- >>> import descarteslabs.workflows as wf >>> wf.widgets.checkbox("param_name", default=True, label="A string parameter") # doctest: +SKIP >>> s2 = wf.ImageCollection.from_id( ... "sentinel-2:L1C", "2018-01-01", "2018-04-01", ... processing_level=wf.ifelse( ... wf.widgets.checkbox("surface", default=True, label="Use surface reflectance"), ... wf.Str("surface"), ... wf.Str("toa"), ... ) ... ).pick_bands("red green blue") >>> s2.visualize("Sentinel-2", scales=[[0, 0.4], [0, 0.4], [0, 0.4]]) # doctest: +SKIP >>> # ^ when you call .visualize, the `checkbox` widget will automatically show up below Clicking the checkbox above will toggle atmospheric correction on and off. (If you haven't already, run ```` in another notebook cell to see your layer.) Parameters ---------- name: str The name of the parameter. default: bool, default False The default value for the widget. label: str, default "" The longform label to display next to the widget. If not given, the widget will display as ``name``. Returns ------- widget: Checkbox A Widget object that acts just like a Workflows `.Bool`, and displays as a checkbox. """ return Checkbox(name, default, label)