Source code for descarteslabs.common.tasks.futuretask

# Copyright 2018-2020 Descartes Labs.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

import pickle
import json
import time

from descarteslabs.client.exceptions import NotFoundError
from import Storage

[docs]class TransientResultError(Exception): """ Raised when attempting to access results for a task that hasn't completed. """ def __init__(self, message="Result not yet ready"): super(Exception, self).__init__(message)
[docs]class TimeoutError(Exception): """ Raised when attempting to access results for a task that hasn't completed. """ def __init__(self, message="Timeout exceeded"): super(Exception, self).__init__(message)
[docs]class ResultType(object): """ Possible types of return values for a function. """ JSON = "json" LEGACY_PICKLE = "pickle"
[docs]class FutureTask(object): """ A submitted task which may or may not have completed yet. Accessing any attributes only available on a completed task (for example `result`) blocks until the task completes. """ COMPLETION_POLL_INTERVAL_SECONDS = 3 SUCCESS = "SUCCESS" FAILURE = "FAILURE" def __init__(self, guid, tuid, client=None, args=None, kwargs=None): self.guid = guid self.tuid = tuid if client is None: from import Tasks # circular import client = Tasks() self.client = client self.args = args self.kwargs = kwargs self._is_return_value_loaded = False self._return_value = None self._task_result = None self._is_log_loaded = False self._log = None self._json_arguments = None
[docs] def get_result(self, wait=False, timeout=None): """ Attempt to load the result for this task. After returning from this method without an exception raised, the return value for the task is available through the :attr:`result` property. :param bool wait: Whether to wait for the task to complete or raise a :exc:`~descarteslabs.common.tasks.futuretask.TransientResultError` if the task hasnt completed yet. :param int timeout: How long to wait for the task to complete, or :const:`None` to wait indefinitely. """ if self._task_result is None: start = time.time() while timeout is None or (time.time() - start) < timeout: try: self._task_result = self.client.get_task_result( self.guid, self.tuid, include=["stacktrace"] ) except NotFoundError: if not wait: raise TransientResultError() else: break time.sleep(self.COMPLETION_POLL_INTERVAL_SECONDS) else: raise TimeoutError()
def _result_attribute(self, attribute_name, default=None): self.get_result(wait=True) return self._task_result.get(attribute_name, default) @property def ready(self): """ Property indicating whether the task has completed :rtype: bool :return: True if the upload task has completed and status is available, otherwise False. """ try: self.get_result(wait=False) return True except TransientResultError: return False @property def result(self): """ Property indicating the return value of the function for this completed task. :rtype: json or pickled type :return: The return value of the function for this completed task. """ if not self.is_success: return None if not self._is_return_value_loaded: if self._task_result.result_size_bytes > 0: return_value = Storage().get( self._task_result.result_key, storage_type="result" ) result_type = self._task_result.get( "result_type", ResultType.LEGACY_PICKLE ) if result_type == ResultType.JSON: self._return_value = json.loads(return_value.decode("utf-8")) elif result_type == ResultType.LEGACY_PICKLE: return_value = pickle.loads(return_value) if isinstance(return_value, dict): # For backwards-compatibility reasons (the old dlrun client requires it), # results to be pickled have always been wrapped in a dictionary. However, # all clients since version 0.10.0 ignore all the dictionary items except # for 'result', and all clients have always extracted the 'result' element. # In order for the service to remain compatible with older clients, we # must continue to do this even though it is wasteful. self._return_value = return_value["result"] else: # for the above reason, this code will likely never be reached. self._return_value = return_value else: raise RuntimeError( "Unknown result type: %s - update your tasks client" ) else: self._return_value = None self._is_return_value_loaded = True return self._return_value @property def log(self): """ Property indicating the log output for this completed task. :rtype: str :return: The log output """ self.get_result(wait=True) if not self._is_log_loaded and self._task_result.get("log_size_bytes", 1) > 0: try: self._log = Storage().get( self._task_result.result_key, storage_type="logs" ) except NotFoundError: self._log = None self._is_log_loaded = True return self._log @property def peak_memory_usage(self): """ Property indicating the peak memory usage for this completed task, in bytes. :rtype: int :return: The peak memory usage """ return self._result_attribute("peak_memory_usage") @property def runtime(self): """ Property indicating the time spent executing the function for this task, in seconds. :rtype: int :return: The time spent executing the function """ return self._result_attribute("runtime") @property def status(self): """ Property indicating the status (:const:`SUCCESS` or :const`FAILURE`) for this completed task. :rtype: str :return: The status for this completed task. """ return self._result_attribute("status") @property def is_success(self): """ Did this task succeeed? :rtype: bool :return: Whether this task succeeded. """ return self.status == FutureTask.SUCCESS @property def exception_name(self): """ Property indicating the name of the exception raised during the function execution, if any :rtype: str :return: The name of the exception or :const:`None` """ return self._result_attribute("exception_name") exception = exception_name @property def stacktrace(self): """ Property indicating the stacktrace of the exception raised during the function execution, if any. :rtype: str :return: The stacktrace of the exception or :const:`None` """ return self._result_attribute("stacktrace") traceback = stacktrace @property def failure_type(self): """ The type of failure if this task did not succeed. :rtype: str :return: The failure type """ return self._result_attribute("failure_type") def __eq__(self, other): return self.guid == other.guid and self.tuid == other.tuid def __repr__(self): s = "Task\n" if self.ready: s += "\tStatus: {}\n".format(self._task_result.status) s += "\tMemory usage (MiB): {:.2f}\n".format( self._task_result.peak_memory_usage / (1024 * 1024.0) ) s += "\tRuntime (s): {}\n".format(self._task_result.runtime) else: s += "\tStatus: Pending\n" return s